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Man Made

The 18.21 namesake was inspired by the Amendment of the United States Constitution that began and ended the Prohibition of alcoholic beverages in the early 1900s.

The Texas-based brand exclusively supports Masculinity with meticulously crafted premium grooming products. The brand’s exceptional Packaging, hi-quality ingredients and the opulent scent of Sweet tobacco and vanilla help men establish a premium at-home grooming routine. These men’s grooming products take on the look of liquor bottles, tobacco tins, and vintage aerosol cans. The brand offers an uncommon grooming experience, empowering men to live through their utmost potential through professional-grade class products and grooming wisdom.

If you are looking for that perfect gift for your man or your personal use, award winning18.21 Manmade products is just the thing!

SCREEN, an Italian brand by Nuova Fapam, a 20-year-old Haircare company, is present in more than 68 countries worldwide. SCREEN offers a complete range of Haircare products – from shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks, to hair colours, treatment products and style solutions. The products are conceived and developed with the collaboration of its creative Team and produced exclusively for professional use.

The preservation of the direct hairstylist-end user relationship is a characterizing feature of the business approach by the Brand, thus protecting both the professionalism and expertise of the hairstylist and the safety of the end-user.

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Premium range of personal care products

Fruiser is a personal care brand of  Khobates Industries Sdn. Bhd. (KBI), a company located in Shah Alam, Malaysia. The brand is available in all major supermarket, hypermarket and retail outlets across Malaysia as well as in 22 International markets across Africa, Middle East and Asia.

The products include a range of Bath & Body products, Face cleansers and facial care products.


Made in U.S.A

18.21 Man made is a Texas-based brand which is exclusively making premium quality, world-class hair styling products for men. The new collection from 18.21 elevates and simplifies the male grooming experience.

It is owned and operated by Angel del Solar, Aston LaFon and David del Solar. The three hardworking gents who share a passion for making premium, uncommon goods which provide a nostalgic yet also modern feeling. It is carefully formed through the use of quality materials, choice ingredients and the custom crafted scent of sweet tobacco.

Grooming and barbering should be relaxing for men, and hence, we elevate the men’s grooming service, and we want to establish a movement centered around it.

From waxes and pomades to hair wash and spray, 18.21 has created a variety of must-have products which Misha Impex proudly present to our clients and end-users in India who are particular about perfectly coiffed hair.

Screen, is a brand by Nuova Fapam a leading company in haircare for over 20 years. A 100% Italian firm, boasting its presence in more than 68 countries worldwide, which has been able to broaden its horizons while holding tight to its origins, and to enter the elite of top companies. At Misha Impex, we are the only promotors of Screen in India.

Misha Impex offers a complete range of SCREEN haircare products, conceived and developed with the collaboration of its creative Team and produced exclusively for professional use. The preservation of the direct hairstylist-end user relationship – during the distribution phase of the product – is a characterizing feature of Misha’s approach by the Brand, thus protecting both professionalism and expertise of the hairstylist and safety of the end user.

Premium Range Personal Care Products

Fruiser is a globally known brand by Khobates Industries located in Shah Alam, Malaysia. It is a popular brand which brings diverse assortment of premium grade of personal care products in more than 22 international markets.

The brands that allows self-expression enabling you to be noticed, be heard, putting you at the center of your world, helping you convey all ideas, feelings, moods, colours, scents and memories you have with complete conviction.

B:seen stands for far more than just premium cosmetics. It is a display of individuality, letting people see your spirit and true character – that’s what B:seen is about!

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